• Robert Abel - Catholic Author
  • Robert Abel - Catholic Author
  • Robert Abel - Catholic Author

Robert Abel has been serving the homeless on the streets of Denver for more than sixteen years. He helps the homeless break free from the bondage of addictions, motivates the unemployed to find work, and restores the hurting to their heavenly Father's loving embrace. More information about Robert Abel's healing ministry can be found at: www.CatholicHealingPrayers.com


Robert Abel also conducts several international mission trips per year. He spends his time in Africa helping to rescue orphans from the trash dumps, delivering rice to the hungry and proclaiming the Gospel message in rural villages. More information about Robert Abel's mission trips can be found at: www.AfricaMissionaries.com


Robert Abel also helps people break free from the bondage of New Age and occult practices. Every year thousands of Christians wander away from the true teachings of Christ and find themselves ensnared with Reiki, hypnosis, spirit-guide channeling, automatic writing and other New Age techniques. More information about Robert Abel's deliverance ministry can be found at: www.CatholicWarriors.com


The Catholic Warrior is a brilliant treatise on spiritual warfare that boldly confronts the ferocity of the enemy and his evil minions by forthrightly exposing their devious stratagems. Robert Abel has taken up the gauntlet of holy audacity in persuasively urging his readers to engage as heroic warriors in the ongoing battle against the evil one. He shows that in this great endeavor, it is truly a privilege as well as an obligation to don the armor of battle and align oneself inextricably with the power of Jesus in facing life’s most formidable challenge — advancing the kingdom of heaven here on earth.”

— Father John H. Hampsch C.M.F.



A Must Read for All Catholics

“This is the best book I have read on being a Catholic. Robert Abel presents what the Catholic faith is really about in an easy to read, interesting book. In each chapter he includes an interesting story related to the topic. If every Catholic in the world read this book and became a Catholic Warrior, the world would be a different place to live in. My favorite chapter was on love—what God's love is like and how our lives and everyone around us would be different if we could love like God does even a few minutes a day.”

— Georgia Miller, Montana